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What's Our Story?

Conscious. Committed. Caring. That's just a part of our story.

Making concious living everyone's cup of tea.

Founded in 2020, The Eco Story is a labour of love, born out of a deep desire to do our bit for our planet, one small change, one tiny action at a time.

Better, Conscious Choices

Our view on eco-conscious living is not about living like a hermit, tucked away in the mountains somewhere. We aspire to make it more commonplace, more accessible, by presenting to you products that are rooted in our 'good for you and planet Earth' philosophy without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.


Our Mission

At The Eco Story, our mission is to promote a lifestyle of conscious living while encouraging low-to-zero waste consumption choices.
To us, sustainability is more than just a buzzword - it's a core philosophy that guides our actions from choosing local makers, making recycling a way-of-life, providing resources to build further awareness.
At the heart of it, we want to inspire a community of eco-conscious warriors who believe in the power of inspired, individual action such that we leave this planet in a better shape for our future generations.

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