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Recycling - A Quintessential Overview

Recycling - A Quintessential Overview

‘Recycle’ is a widely used word when it comes to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Practicing recycling is considered as one of the primary steps towards sustainable living. More often than not is also loosely used for eco-friendly living. 

What is recycling?

Simply put, the process of transforming waste that we throw away into new useful products and things is known as recycling.

It's a sustainable alternative to "traditional" waste disposal that saves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Materials that are commonly recycled

Aluminium, paper, glass, recyclable plastics, etc. are the few things that are commonly recycled. However, recycling becomes tricky when we mix or layer different materials to make products. For instance, printed receipts are mostly laminated which makes them non-recyclable and single-use. 

Why recycling is important?

Recycling saves energy compared to extracting, processing, and transporting virgin raw materials for the production of new products.

We have been producing too much of everything for over a decade now. Less than12% is recycled globally. And less than 1% is recycled twice. Simply put, in practical terms, more or less everything that is produced is landing in the landfills or waterways.

Surprisingly, Recycling transforms waste that we dispose of into new products, ensuring that none of the energy or raw resources is wasted.

Strong voices against plastic pollution, e-waste generation, and climate change has led some of the corporate giants to make important eco-friendlier decisions. They are now pushed to work on their design to support the circular economy, more than ever before. Like Apple announced that its iPads and watches would feature components fashioned from 100 percent recycled aluminum. Coca Cola’s aluminum packaging will be made of up to 70% recycled content. Fashion brands are globally moving towards slow fashion, using organic, upcycling dead fabric, while some are still gimmicking. 

Also, in order to reap the most environmental rewards, companies and individuals ought to make conscious decisions.

What will happen if we fail to recycle?

Considering the pace we are depleting the natural resources abound on the earth, won't last long.

Now imagine a world full of trash with nowhere to go with depleted natural resources. Not brown-washing, but yeah. 

By recycling, you are not only taking a step towards sustainable living but also saving the planet.

Time to level up your recycling. 

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