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Plastic Pollution: What's the Fuss?

Plastic Pollution: What's the Fuss?

If you've grown up anytime over the last three decades, one thing you've undoubtedly learnt at school or read in the papers is that “Plastic pollution is killing the earth.” Despite the constant alarmist refrains, most of us don’t have the brain width to think about the plastic issue since we don’t think it impacts us directly.

But, my dear friends, to put in the plainest of words - plastic is killing our planet. Yes, it is.

Let me try a different approach to help you understand that why is everyone fussing about plastic? Quickly read the facts below while I sip my coffee.

  1. Each iota of plastic ever made since 19th century till date still exists. This is true for the first toothbrush that your grandparents used.
  2. Globally, millions of plastic bottles are sold every single minute. Which means “Psst, it’s just one bottle”, say millions every minute.
  3. By 2050, there will be as much plastic in oceans as fish.
  4. More than 87% of mismanaged waste is leaked into nature and becomes plastic pollution.
  5. An average person potentially consumes as much as 5 gms of plastic i.e. same as one credit card, every week just from water.

So, in short, plastic is polluting the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Basically we need to understand 2 things:

  • All plastic is not our enemy. Plastic waste is.
  • Every decision matters.

I understand, for us it’s more about habits and convenience. Plastic is cheap, reusable, easily washable, and trash-able (wait, not).

You may read some easy tips that helped me immensely in starting my plastic free journey.


Your eco-storyteller, who found her purpose. Xoxo!


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