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Plastic Free Living – 7 Super Easy Tips For Beginners

Plastic Free Living – 7 Super Easy Tips For Beginners

Hello hello,

Do you know why am I super excited that you’re reading this article? It is because you’re here, which means you’ve made up your mind to be an eco-warrior. Taking the first step towards learning about an eco-friendly lifestyle is half the battle won. The first step gives you the momentum to take the next ten.

Remember, we don’t have to be perfect, just a little bit more conscious. We can always start small.

I’ve got a few ideas here that helped me embrace greener living. You can simply pick 1, 2 or all the options of your choice to kick-start your mindful, green journey.

1| Don’t take on any more plastic bags

Initially, heartbreaks are always tough. But then you get a hang of it and you learn to live without the thing that you’ve broken up with. When it comes to breaking up with plastic, just switch to a better alternative – cloth totes – and marry it for life. Unlike actual, human relationships, be clingy with your cloth totes – always carry it with you. Make sure you have one (or two) of them on you before you step out of the house.

2| Reuse is the key

Shhh, you can keep reusing the plastic bags, lids, storage boxes that you have already got at home. Please don’t throw them just because you’re on your zero-waste journey.

3| Avoid single-use plastic objects

Especially for frequently used on-the-go items. You can take a call based on your frequent consumption habits.

    1. Carry your own water bottles (glass, bronze, steel, copper)
    2. Use flasks for takeaway coffee
    3. Always use steel straws or don’t use one at all! Drink it straight up the glass.
    4. Prefer steel or bamboo made cutlery
    5. And come on, always carry a clean cotton hanky and avoid paper napkins, like your parents did
    6. Lastly, carry a cotton tote in your bag

4| Be smart about buying grocery

Quick tips for your grocery runs:

    1. Plan beforehand, so that you buy mindfully
    2. Buy grocery in bulk. Besides being great for the environment, it’s also the first rule of saving money. You can decide the quantity, packaging and waste less in doing so.
    3. Carry refillable jars/bags. Even your Tupperware is fine as long as you’re using it consciously. We cannot throw everything we have.
    4. Read the labels thoroughly and beware of green-washing. Google or ask around when in doubt.

5| Make small swaps in the bathroom

Look for easy swaps that you can make in the bathroom.

    1. Next time you change your tooth brush, buy a bamboo tooth-brush or a datoon.
    2. Switching to bars – soap, shampoo and conditioner bars will help you in reducing the plastic waste drastically. But do finish up the existing products before buying new.

6| Learn how to compost

Frankly, I never expected myself to be composting ever. The stench would be unbearable, I thought. Fortunately, I was wrong. Phew! There’s a right way to do it. It’s super easy and satisfying.

Trust me, plastic free living isn’t half as hard as you might think. Plus, we are in this together, right? Do your bit with as much swag as you can muster, for yourself, your grandchildren and our only planet.

For more ideas, check out these easy tips on how to make your kitchen more eco-friendly.

Please share your experience. I will be so keen to hear from you.

Sumedha – your Eco-Storyteller

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