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How to Tell if Paper is Recyclable or Not?

How to Tell if Paper is Recyclable or Not?
Paper is broadly considered biodegradable and recyclable. However, the game changes if another layer of polish, lamination, or ink is added to it. The majority of paper variants that you use every day, such as waxed paper, gift wrapping paper, receipts, and napkins, are not recyclable.

List some easy tricks to check if the paper is really recyclable or not.

1| Multilayered pack and packaging material are usually lined with plastic or metallic films.
Tear test is a quick way to tell if it is layered or not.

2| Laminated paper like receipts magazine covers, sticky notes, gift wraps, invoices, and butter paper are not recycled.
Scrunch test comes in handy. If you scrunch a paper into a ball and it stays scrunched (rather than flattening or unfolding), then it is recyclable. And, if it doesn't stay in a ball, it cannot be recycled.

3| Oil or grease-stained paper-like pizza boxes, tissue papers, and napkins are not recyclable.

Moreover, different recycling facilities have different capabilities, and some plants may have more specialized equipment and sorting techniques than others. Be rest assured, with the points above, you've got the basics covered.

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