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Is vegan fashion really sustainable?

Is vegan fashion really sustainable?

When we listen to the word 'vegan,' the first thing that rings to our mind is 'food'- which further connects with not consuming any animal product or hurting them for our good. But let me tell you, there's more to the term vegan; growing veganism also made a huge shift in the fashion industry.

How vegan is your wardrobe?

In this digital age, we don't have time or energy to check in-depth detail of any brand making their clothes. How, what, where… we all are least interested in such questions. In India, it's still a new concept; some are thinking to shift, others are in between, and only some are fully aware. Here are steps in the high chances of mixing vegan with non-vegan brands for the new ones.

Nonvegan materials that you can avoid while starting your vegan journey

  • Coats of Fur, Wool, fleece, down
  • Boots, shoes, purses, wallets made from leather or snakeskin
  • Shirts and blouses made from silk
  • Suits and ties of Wool, cashmere, silk

A simple guide for your vegan collection in a sustainable way.

  • Cherish what you already have: When you try to change or adapt to a new lifestyle, the biggest mistake you do is by completely cleaning your old wardrobe. We all do it because we want to embrace new things wholeheartedly. Keep what you love, go slow, take your time.
  • Donate if you don't wear: Remove the clothes you don't wish to wear; donate what you don't wear. It is not only a sustainable way but also shows kindness towards the less privileged one.
  • While buying quality over quantity, keep in mind what you are looking for; always choose quality over quantity. "As consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy," said Emma Watson.
  • Purchase ethically: There's a huge impact on what you choose when you are aware of your choices. Shop wise, think where you are spending and what good it does to you, your life, and earth.
  • But from where? It gets tricky when choosing brands that fit your vegan lifestyle in India. No fuss, just a planet-first closet—No Nasties. Your everyday tee, your outing dress, or your daily shirt, they have everything for you and the planet. Start your shopping without thinking. Malai. Eco- a brand that creates leather-like material but richer in name and texture for unisex bag packs and wallets. A perfect accessory to your outfit and new creation from nature's waste.

A little tip: Veganism is more than your transition to vegan diets and vegan fashion; it is a commitment.

  • Stop animal abuse
  • Reduce factory farms
  • Environment protection
  • Support and increase sustainable practices


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