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How sustainable is recycling clothes?

How sustainable is recycling clothes?


We shop, but have you thought about what happens when you don't wear them anymore or throw your clothes away? Many don't! 

Even I wasn't aware of its effects on our beautiful planet for some years. We are using more limited resources than we should. The system of take-make-dispose needs to change.

 Why is it necessary to recycle your fashion?

It is estimated that nearly 100 billion clothes are purchased every passing year, and 92 million tonnes are thrown away. And this number is only expected to increase by 42 million tonnes over the decade. The sole reason for overconsumption and overproduction is the lack of consumer knowledge and awareness of brands towards the planet.

Today many of the brands claim Champaign sustainability, but on the other side, they don't give up their fast-fashion businesses. It all comes down to profits and numbers and nothing more than that. But trust me, the change is necessary and needed to survive a better future. Do you know all the clothes we throw are burned or thrown in landfills? Obviously, true fashion lovers would never want anything to go to waste or be thrown away in landfills.


What the brands can do to make it right?

A sustainable, adaptable, and economically beneficial solution- "closing the loop." I am sure you might not be well acquainted or have heard very little about it, in simple terms reusing or recycling the product into which is thrown away by the consumer. There's a slow increment in the conscious demands; the customer is demanding durable and recyclable products. This makes brands turn to a closed-loop system, and surprisingly "taking back what has been used and leaving zero waste to thrown on landfills" has worked successfully for many companies. 


Do you think recycling clothes is easy as it is said?

No! It is not, let me tell you why:

  • Expensive: This promise comes with a cost and is not affordable for every maker.
  • Machinery: Recycling on any level need huge machinery to complete the process.
  • Not all products are recyclable: A fabric made from polyester isn't recyclable.


How can you contribute?

Making and taking back or recycling is not in our hands. But we can work accordingly by considering minimal changes in our and the planet's needs. My journey to conscious living and making sustainable choices has opened many curtains of the planet's better view (making me think more and choose wisely).

  • You can donate unused clothes from your wardrobe to brands that are sustainably working to recycle. Brands like H&M and Zara.
  • Check the durability of a garment while buying.
  • If you are up to bringing a change, choose the brand that does such practices.
  • If you are aware of it, spread the knowledge, it helps.




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