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Looking for guilt-free New Years Resolutions? This might help.

Looking for guilt-free New Years Resolutions? This might help.

So, 2021 has taught me one thing that it’s only futile to think that everything is under control. BUT, the real power still lies in your hands which is your reaction to the circumstances.

I believe in making resolutions as it help me to sit back and rethink about the path I have been on to and my destination. Which is why, I thought I’d suggest a few easy-to-sustain New Year’s resolutions to go along with the slightly-harder ones.

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle isn’t hard. In fact, my motto is ‘It’s easier done than said’. Taking baby steps is the way to go! This New Year’s Eve, I’d like to suggest a few easy-to-make (and sustain!) resolutions that can keep your spirits up all through the year.

1| Buy a Reusable Water Bottle:

Filling water from home and carrying it around while travelling or running errands will help you eliminate the need to buy water bottles and so reduce your consumption of plastic. Not a difficult thing to do.
In fact, I have two just in case I forget to bring one up from the car. Add reusable straws and a portable cutlery kit and you’ll be well on your way to helping the environment.

2| Open those Milk Packets Correctly:

It’s easy to snip off the tip of a packet of milk and bin it. These small bits of plastic typically just end up in landfill and break down into microplastics. All you need to do is cut the plastic halfway across without detaching it from the plastic. Karnataka BJP Vice-President Tejaswini Ananthkumar tweeted a really helpful video on how to do it.
Think about it – you can help the environment with every morning chai. Of course, washing the packets out and recycling them is a must too.

3| Slow Fashion:

Spend some money on yourself when you buy clothes or accessories. Instead of buying mass produced clothes that go out of fashion every 10 minutes, buying high quality wearables that will last a long time will help you develop your own style, help local artisans and the environment all at the same time.If you’re feeling adventurous, try shopping in vintage stores or getting clothes stitched in the style for a classic timeless look.

4| Move towards Palm-oil Free Beauty Products:

This one may take some experimenting before you find products you really like. Palm oil can be found in everything – from ice cream to lipsticks and shampoos. Large palm oil plantations across Malaysia and Indonesia have decimated natural biodiversity and their rainforests. There are currently talks of encouraging palm oil cultivation in India too. Look for products that contain alternatives to palm oil like sunflower oil as well as cocoa and shea butter, and mango kernel. Switch one product a month and keep going! I promise you’ll discover products you’ll love along the way.

5| Add Some Greens to Your Life:

I’m not talking about dieting here. If you don’t have any house plants add a few. If you’re not born with naturally green thumbs, there are plenty of plants that are easy to grow and hard to kill like aloe vera, pothos, snake plant, and money plants. They are aesthetically pleasing and some of them even improve indoor air quality.

There you have it – 5 easy eco-friendly resolutions for the new year that are easy to keep. Which ones are you going to adopt? Let me know.

Here’s wishing you all a happy, safe, prosperous, and sustainable 2022.

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