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11 Impactful Eco-Friendly switches I made after Kitchen Audit.

11 Impactful Eco-Friendly switches I made after Kitchen Audit.


You know, with each article that I write, I feel more connected with you, something like a digital date. Don’t you agree? 

Here’s something interesting that I would like to know. Have you ever thought about which is the most frequented room in your house? Mine, without a speck of doubt, is - my lovely kitchen. (I am sure yours too especially if your refrigerator is in there!).

However, post my trash audit, I realized that it is one place where I generate the most trash. That too, every single day. Don’t even mention the special days when we hosted elaborate parties and celebrations. Biting my teeth already!

Now that it’s getting manageable, as promised let me quickly handhold you through my findings, for you to pick what suits you the best.

The following tips have been the most impactful for me, in helping me to switch to a greener lifestyle. All of these are super simple, adaptable, and easily available options that you could quickly adopt for a more sustainable kitchen too.

1| Buy groceries in bulk or loose

Besides being great for the environment, it’s also the first rule of saving money. You can decide the quantity, packaging, and waste less.

2| Avoid buying coffee pods and tea bags

Most of these dip bags have a plastic lining in it which makes it non-recyclable and non-decomposable. Instead, make your drink the classic way - coffee beans/ powder and tea leaves. Mostly all of us all have stoves at home and we don’t need a Master-chef hat for making one.

3| Keep your metal straws ready

Why do we need straws at home anyway, right?

4| Cling wraps are a no

At one time they were my favourite, but then I became aware. I was elated to explore various other options like – beeswax wraps, vegan wraps, simply a wet cloth, or simple plates.

5| Avoid plastic scrubbers, sponges, suds, soap cases, and liquid soap bottles

Believe me, the complete sink area seemed disastrous. Sounds dramatic? Yes, but next time we are only opting for eco-friendly dish soap in bulk, biodegradable scrubber, hemp dishcloth, recyclable sponge. Promise?

6| How to manage the trash without garbage bags

I understand kitchen trash is not easy to deal with. So, we will break it into dry and wet waste. Take a bin, line it with newspaper and it will be ready for your dry waste. Wet waste should be tackled differently. You also get compostable lining bags for lining from BioGreen.

7| Repurpose all glass bottles for storing water in the fridge

Keep your takeaway smoothie, wine, and juice bottles safely for storing water and growing greens.

8| Don’t trash the leftover food

Use your creative juices, make sandwiches, lasagna, shakshuka, or soup, but use it.

9| You don’t have to throw away the plastic containers or plastic bottles - the key is to reuse

Use them till you can and then toss them for recycling. You know there are a lot of apps that help you.

10| You don’t need that paper roll

Use reusable cloth wipes, discarded but washed towels, or old t-shirts for wiping the slab, utensils, and sewing them into covers. You can.

11| Manage your filter water

Did you know that RO water purifier wastes up to 75% of their water? You can store this water and use it for multiple other things like watering your plants, mopping, cleaning your cars and bikes, and so on.

Not to mention, our mantra as invented by Bea Johnson is still the crux.

  1. Refuse – what you don’t need
  2. Reduce – what you do need
  3. Reuse – by opting for reusable
  4. Recycle – what you cannot refuse, reduce, recycle
  5. Rot – last resort

Wish you a fulfilling future. Don’t forget to share your experience with me. Let’s learn together.

Stronger Together.

Your Eco Storyteller

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